Interior Design

Spring 2011
3rd Year Project (2011 IDEC competition) by Professor David Brothers, Professor Glenn Goldman, and Professor Lory Laera
"The competition required one week of demographic research and then one week of programming and design. The topic was a health care facility."

Med Connect 
by Gerardy Cabrera, Adam Raiffe, and Banafsheh Soltani 

Highlander Health Center 
by Hyungshin Stephanie Kim, Mina Liba, and Melissa Pereira

Community Care Clinic 
by Peter Khalil, Tristan Pashalian, and Ida Torres

3rd Year Project (Commercial Design Studio) by Professor Lorenzina Laera

Gerardy Cabrera

Hyungshin Stephanie Kim

 Melissa Pereira

Mina Liba

Adam Raiffe

Peter Khalil

2nd Year Project (Cafe in the Center for Architecture) by Professor Ernesto Martinez and Professor Linda Laucirica

Nicole Zampolin

Nora Hamade

Tatianna Duarte