Industrial Design

Spring 2011
3rd Year Project (Chairs) by Professor Brooks Atwood
"To design and produce a production quality chair that uses a material assembly to enhance the performance of the chair."

Ila Chair by Sara Jane Rin
Final Version
First Prototype
The Ila Chair is a lightweight and delicate rocking chair, it achieves a high level of durability by using the process of lamination and weaving. The design challenges the boundaries of the wood veneers’ flexibility, weight limitations, and physical attributes.

Par Nido Lounger by Darshan Patel
Final Version
First Prototype
A place to find your space.  That’s the focus of the Par Nido Lounger. The chaise began with the idea of creating a space within a space. The goal of the chaise is to envelope the user in a sense of personal comfort and safety.

Bow Chair by Scott Hallowell
“A dynamic chair that interacts and compensates for your presence.”  This was the end goal envisioned, something more than just another static object for resting upon.  Similar to an archery bow, this chair invokes fear and comfort in the same simple motion, thus making it use a truly unique experience.

Esolumpy by Samantha Tartaro

Gami Chair by Philip Caleja
The Gami Chair is all about geometry, symmetry, folds, and motion. It is an origami inspired gaming chair that conforms to the user's posture through minute movement. In its essence, it is somewhat like a living chair chair that creates a personal space for the user.

Juxor by Ben Mui

The Juxor Lounge Chair features lower back support and comfort.  Its angled backrest provides lumbar support while maintaining proper posture. The ergonomics of the seat is designed to angle slightly downward to raise the knees above the hips replicating the comfort of the fetal position. Its seat cushion is soft enough to contour to the shape of the body while firm enough to support the spine.
Hand-made from mild steel, the Juxor Lounge Chair features a one of a kind one-piece shell with magnet-fitted cushions to keep them in place.  Available in a powder-coated high gloss white with a choice of pink, blue or green cushions.

Hex Stool by Daniel Sosa

First Prototype
Hexstool is a user-interactive scalable seating surface comprised of simple aggregated geometric modules.  Taking cues from naturally-occurring crystalline structures, Hexstool units are geometrically similar allowing for limitless installation scalability; a lone unit can be a bar stool, five make a chair, thirty form a couch, and a thousand create a dramatic landscape of the most engaging custom seating available.  Intuitive visual cues encourage reconfiguration of the interchangeable modules allowing users to leave a fingerprint on their seating environment.  Hexstool combines the freedom of boundless scalability with a uniquely engaging user experience to form a seating system with unprecedented scope.

Aribsi Beach Lounge Chair by Alex Nizzardo
Aribsi is a product of extensive design manipulation and full scale prototyping. The unique rib design is ideal for sandy environments. As the ribs sink into the sand it allows the user complete control of their seating position. Each rib pushes the boundaries of wood bending and strength. Through the combination of these design ideals Aribsi was created.

Shuffle Chair by Aleksandr Kolesnikov
Final Version
First Prototype
Shuffle Chair is a byproduct of an investigation of material properties motivated by a bent deck of cards. The plywood layers of the chair separate from each other, as do the skins of an onion, giving the chair a bouncy attribute.

Miyako, is a chair designed to be used outdoors. Made from Fiberglass and resin reapplied Angelina fiber it displays colors according to how light hits it. Although ideally used on trees, this chair can be hung from anything.  

MR59 Chair by Avrami Rakovsky
The MR59 Chair is a study of fluidity and manipulation of cork as a material. The idea was to manufacture a chair using cork in a way that would seem impossible. The cork is a sustainable material that lends itself to lightness. It also has a natural springiness that allows for natural cushioning.

Basso by Kyle Gulliford
The original form of this chair was a solid, smooth surface in which different curves were experimented with to truly capture the comfort one would need to enjoy full relaxation. The smooth form would suffice, but the full detail put into each curve wouldn’t be seen in its entirety. What better way would I be able to describe this beauty than to show the contour of the chairs every curve. Basso was born.

2nd Year Project (Tableware) by Professor Ran Lerner

Pearl Serveware by Jabeen Ali

A winner of "Honorable Mention" in Cambridge's Contemporary Tableware Competition, this set of a Two-tier Server, Nut Bowls, Napkin Holder, Serving Bowl, and Serving Tray, was created with an air of contemporary sophistication, and modern elegance. Inspired by my own fascination with nature's effortless ability to be simple and beautiful, I designed this collection with a risk in mind; utilizing delicate yet stable forms, as necessary elements for the function of each item. The repetitive cast-aluminum swirls is each object serve significant roles in the use of the product, (such as bases or handles) but also serve as a decorative accent to the designs.

Sweet Time Collection by Tracy Wu

2nd Year Project (Doorhandles) by Professor Ran Lerner

Ethereal Door Handles by Jabeen Ali
The organic and dynamic curves of these two door handle design serve to invite the user to grip and turn the handle with comfortable ease. The ergonomic shape brings elegance and simple functionality together in a graceful manner that emits a warm, welcoming effect inside the home.

Door Handles by Tracy Wu